POPnBeards Online Store Policies

POPnBeards Online Store Policies

By purchasing from POPnBeards.com, you are showing that you understand and agree to the following terms, services and policies.

  • A Pre-Order is an Order You Place for a Product Before That Product is Physically Released to Any Stores or Shops. This can also be a product that we do not physically have in our warehouse at the time of purchase. You are paying for something that we will obtain for you at a later date.
  • All Pre-Orders Are Charged to Your Card/Account at The Time Your Order Is Placed.  This is done before the projected date the actual product is scheduled to ship from our supplier - we receive that item to our warehouse, we ship your order and you receive your item. After 24 hours, we cannot offer cancellation of a pre-order for any reason. For instance “What if a store gets the item(s) I ordered, before you, and I bought those instead?” Your order will still be shipped to you. We base the size of our orders placed with the supplier on the number of pre-orders we get in advance.
  • All Pre-Orders Are Final with No Exceptions. We cannot be held responsible for products that arrive later than expected for any reason. “What if other stores have them in-stock already?” No refunds will be offered for any item that is not yet in-stock. Be careful when placing your orders with different pre-order items and bundles. If you place an order for a bundle, it is not uncommon for bundled items to arrive at different dates. Any person who files a chargeback against us for any reason will have a lifetime ban from ordering with/from us. No exceptions.
  • Every Order Placed Will Ship Together (Single Box). We recommend purchasing pre-orders and in-stock items separately. Additionally, smaller (number of items) orders will have a better chance at arriving to you depending on projected release dates on pre-orders. We will ship orders to you once the final item arrives to us no matter the date. We will not combine or change orders once they have been placed for any reason. “What if I want to add an item to my order that has already been placed?” The order cannot be changed.
  • We Ship From North Carolina (Warehouse) 5 Days Per Week. Our warehouse DOES NOT ship or operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your patience is appreciated. Once we ship your package, you will be notified via email. Check your spam folder.
  • Expect Most In-Stock Items to be Shipped Within 1-5 Business Days. This timeframe does not apply if your order contains pre-orders or custom items.
  • Custom Items can be shipped to you by the artist or company that created them or by us. Shipping times may be extended if we are not shipping said custom items. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Email Notifications Will Be sent For Any Shipped/Orders. This is an auto-activated system which is initiated once we apply a shipping label. If you did not get a notification regarding shipment, we either did not ship your order yet or the email was sent to your spam folder. Check your spam folder.
  • Shipping Options Default to the Cheapest Possible Option Automatically. If you are not in the Asheville, NC area, do not choose free shipping methods. Free shipping methods for orders under $75 means you are agreeing to pick up your order from us in Asheville, NC. If your order is over $75 in total cost, you will get free shipping automatically.
  • Package Tracking Numbers Will Be Included in The Shipping Confirmation Email. This covers all domestic shipments (United States). We do not ship internationally.
  • Pre-Orders Do Not Ship Quickly. Every pre-order or custom item have different shipment dates. Pay attention to the projected dates given to us by our suppliers. To see all projected dates for shipment from suppliers, please check here. Certain items can take months or much longer to ship. The dates are not determined by us. You will get your order when we get your order. If you want to stay informed on all projected dates given to us, for any items we are expecting to ship soon and all of the latest news that could affect you, subscribe to our email list and add us to your contact list. We will be sending weekly updates.
  • We Offer a Free Shipping Options. The methods include those who live in the Asheville, NC area and for orders that are $75 in total or more within the United States. Free shipping methods will always be the cheapest method possible to us. The delivery time will vary depending upon where in the United States you are shipping to. The west coast will have the longest shipping times.
  • Refunds Are Not Given for Any Shipment in Transit. If your order is delivered later than expected, for any reason, refunds are not given.


  • Due to COVID, Postal Service Shipment Times Are Delayed & Extended. We are not allowing international orders.
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – All orders ship from the United States and may incur custom fees upon delivery. We do not control these fees nor do we gain from these fees. We do not have facilities internationally.
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – Custom fees, VAT & other taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. We do not refund customers for those or any other taxes or fees. No Exceptions. We do not dictate taxes or fees on any level (domestically or internationally).
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – New customers that are shipping internationally should order smaller quantities with a lower total cost ($36 or less). We must verify you are a legitimate buyer with friendly intention. After delivery has been made, we can begin shipping higher dollar items/larger orders to you. We love building customer relations. POPnBeards is more than a community. We are a family of collectors. 
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – New customers that are shipping internationally making high dollar purchases ($100+) will be monitored and reviewed extensively. There are many harmful individuals out there with a focus on credit card fraud. We do not like those individuals. We will not serve those individuals. If our review ends with your order being cancelled, we have determined the risk is too high for us. You will be sent notification of this decision via email. We appreciate your understanding on the matter.
  • High-Risk Areas for Fraudulent Behavior & Lost Mail Affects Us. Those areas include the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Australia & more. We reserve the right to cancel or refund any order that is flagged as high-risk or reviewed by our team. Credit card fraud is very real and affects all merchants. We work with a community of similar market companies and businesses to further prevent such fraudulent action against us. Anyone found taking part in fraudulent behavior will be flagged in the community across the board.
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – We no longer allow or permit credit card payments by international (outside of the United States) customers or individuals due the recent increase in international credit card scams and chargebacks. These orders flagged with similar behavior will be automatically deleted. The accounts associated with these orders will be deleted and blocked. International customers must pay via PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • We Do Not Permit Credit Card Payments for Orders Shipping to Freight Forwarders. This is due to the increase of credit card scams associated with forwarders and re-shippers. These orders will be automatically cancelled by our website. If you choose to use forwarders or re-shippers, please use PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – We do not recommend shipping First Class to Italy & Mexico for those countries have shown increased issues with not delivering packages/orders. It has been realized that mail carriers have a tendency to steal these packages due to their absence of tracking. The best options for these locations are FedEx or USPS Express Mail. If you have chosen First Class Mail as your shipping method and are located in these countries named above & your package is lost, you will not be refunded. No exceptions.
  • International Shipments Pending (Currently Unavailable) – Corona Virus Update: The United States Postal Service has temporarily stopped servicing the Philippines, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Peru and other countries. For a full list and changes to this list, please click here. To properly ship to any of these countries, please choose FedEx.


  • Returns & Refunds Are Given for Orders That Have Been Delivered with Unreasonable Damage to the Product Itself (Example: Funko Pop & Pop Box). Damage to the shipping box and packaging are not justification for returns & refunds. To proceed with a return and/or refund, take one or two photographs on the day of the delivery. Email us at info@popnbeards.com within 48hours to request a return or refund. A replacement may be accepted if the requirements are met and the damage is justified. Once your discrepancy is approved by our team, we will provide you with a return address.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given for Damaged Items If We are Not Contacted Within 48 Hours. If you do not contact us, we will assume the damage to the item has been done by your actions and not by the process of shipment. To avoid this issue, please open your delivered package as soon as you receive it.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given to Products That May Be Mildly Taller or Shorter Than Advertised. This advertised size would be given by the artist, supplier or company that manufactured the item. Extreme size changes do not apply.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given for Damaged Free Items. If the item is removed from their manufactured packaging, we will not offer a refund or return.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given for Packages in Transit or With Late Delivery. After we have shipped your order, the shipment process is not determined by us and we cannot be held accountable for missing or late items. No exceptions.
  • No Refunds or Replacements Will Be Given for Packages That Have Been Confirmed as Delivered. We cannot & will not contact your local post office or personnel to find a missing package post-delivery.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given to Those Who No Longer Want Their Order. If a customer is no longer interested in the product due to a lack of importance, desire, or patience, we will not accommodate that request.
  • All Refunds & Returns Are to Be Completed by Our Customer Service Team at info@popnbeards.com. If you choose to not communicate with us regarding a refund or return & begin the process of filing a complaint and/or a chargeback, you will have a lifetime ban from ordering with/from us. No exceptions.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given to Shipping Costs. All refunds given on orders will never include the cost of shipping. We will also deduct a 20% fee of the total cost of that refunded order. We will, however, pay for shipping costs for items to be shipped back to our facility once the refund and return have been approved. We will not offer refunds to a product(s) that has not been returned.
  • No Refunds Will Be Given to Custom Fees, VAT and/or Other Taxes. These are the responsibility of the buyer/recipient. POPnBeards does not control the prices of taxes or fees of any kind. The taxes and fees derive from your government. The responsibility of such charges will always fall to the customer.
  • A Package Can Be Labeled as Undeliverable for Many Reasons. If your order is sent back to us with that label, it usually means that your shipping address was incomplete in some form. You many choose to have your order resent to you at the same address or a new address. The cost of shipping will fall to you. If you do not wish to get the “undeliverable” package sent back to you, we may offer you store credit to cover the cost of the item(s) for future purchase. Store credit will be offered in the form of our reward points.
  • POPnBeards Reserves the Right to Cancel Any Order at Any Time for Any Reason Without Warning Before Shipment Takes Place. This is not a common action taken by POPnBeards. Rare Exceptions Apply Only.
  • Flipping Products or Items is Not Allowed with POPnBeards. No exceptions. “What is a flipper?” A flipper is an individual that purchases a product from a company and resells that product at a higher price (excessive price increases in most cases). POPnBeards takes pride in selling to fellow collectors. If we are informed of any flippers that have bought from us or from any of our affiliates, they will have a lifetime ban from ordering with/from us. No exceptions.
  • All Orders Are Final. Please be sure you know what it is you are ordering before you finalize your purchase.


  • POPnBeards.com is secured (https) for your safety.
  • We Will Never Sell or Distribute Any of Your Personal Information. This includes reasons of financial gain & marketing. No payment information or personally identifying details will be given. All Credit Card & Transactional Information are protected by the same level of security as major companies and financial institutions. Your privacy is our number one concern.
  • POPnBeards will never and can never see your full credit card information. The secure system we use to fulfill your orders blocks that private information from us and any affiliates. The information that we see is your card carrier and the last 4 digits of your card.


  • Our social media outlets are where we go to communicate with the community. Most of our communication is coming from us to you. We do respond to concerns and questions when we can. Any abuse, hate speech, threatening language, negativity & rude behavior will not be allowed. Violators will be blocked & reported. We want a fun and informative environment with our community of collectors. It is important to be aware of others who may be reading or watching our content. Discretion is key.
  • Filing Chargeback Cases Through Your Credit Card Company, PayPal, Apple Pay or Any Other Service Will Result in A Lifetime Ban Without Exception. We hold this policy as we will always delivery our products to you. If we cannot deliver to you, we will always refund you fully.
  • Falsifying Information of Any Kind for Your Own Benefit and/or The Detriment of us or anyone else will have a lifetime ban from ordering with/from us. No exceptions. This includes but not limited to personal information, private information and delivery information.
  • Threats of Any Kind Will Result in Immediate Lifetime Ban Without Exception. This includes threatening to start a case against us.
  • Flipping & Bot Orders Will Be Cancelled Without Warning. Any Flippers and/or Customers using Bots on our website or for orders will have a lifetime ban from ordering with/from us.
  • Credit Card Scammers Will Not Be Tolerated. If we find that a credit card scam is taking place on our website, we will turn in any information we have to the local police connected to the shipping address to include IP addresses and connecting data.
  • A Designated High-Risk Order Will Be Cancelled Immediately. Shopify has a level of security that works well with our level of security in identifying potential risks. The account holder will have their account cancelled and blocked. We reserve the right to take further action against high-risk orders that cause any harm or loss of money to any party, person or company.
  • We Do Our Best to Answer All Emails That Come into Our Inbox (info@popnbeards.com) and Direct Messages on Instagram & Facebook. If you do not get an email back or hear from us in a few days, please try and be patient. We are a very busy crew. You will never be ignored. We do what we can with the time we have every single day. Our number one goal is to deliver to you. The more patience and kindness you show to us will go a long way. We work very well with positive & happy customers.

Contact info:

- info@POPnBeards.com