Grave Before Shave: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax, Gentlemen's Blend (Strong) (1 Oz)
Grave Before Shave: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax, Gentlemen's Blend (Strong) (1 Oz)

Grave Before Shave: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax, Gentlemen's Blend (Strong) (1 Oz)


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Hand-poured Mustache Wax into a 1-ounce tin.


  1. Use your thumbnail to scrape out some wax (about the size of a pea)
  2. Wipe it onto your thumb of the same hand
  3. Rub the wax back and forth 2-3 times between your index finger and thumb
  4. Apply using both index finger and thumb if you're trying to handlebar or want more control of where the wax is applied. 
  5. Repeat if necessary

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