Funko Ship Dates (Updated: 11 November 2020)


These Items Have Arrived To Our Warehouse
Orders Ready Will Go Out.
Hunter x Hunter: Leorio
Pusheen: Pusheen w/Heart
Soul Eater S2: Death the Kid
Yu-Gi-Oh: Exodia (6”)
Batman: Catwoman
Batman: Penguin
Sanrio MHA: Pochacco Deku
Funko Tee: Cute Child Sleeping (Medium & Large)
Wonder Woman: WW Gold Power (MT)
Wonder Woman: WW Gold Power Pose
Stripes: Ox Mudwrestling
Corpse Bride: Emily
Halloween: Witchy Minnie
What About Bob: Local Bob
Persona 5: The Joker w/Chase
Rick & Morty: Rick w/Crystal Skull
Pokemon S2: Pichu
Pokemon S2: Vulpix
Pokemon S2: Mewtwo
These Items Are Shipping Next (Date To Come Soon)
Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey Wheeler
Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecs Jajank
Wonder Woman: Flying (MT)
Fight Club: Tyler Durden w/Chase
Vinyl SODA: TMNT - Shredder
Vinyl SODA: KISS - Starchild
Vinyl SODA: TMNT - Michaelangelo
Vinyl SODA: Queen - Freddy Mercury
Vinyl SODA: TMNT - Donatello
Vinyl SODA: NBC - Jack Skellington
Vinyl SODA: KISS - The Demon
Vinyl SODA: IT Movie - Pennywise
Vinyl SODA: DC - Heath Ledger Joker
Vinyl SODA: Chilly Willy - Chilly Willy
Vinyl SODA: TMNT - Leonardo
Vinyl SODA: Chucky - Chucky
Vinyl SODA: Samurai Jack - Samurai Jack
Vinyl SODA: DC - Joker 1989
Vinyl SODA: Quaker Oats - Jean LaFoote
Vinyl SODA: Batgirl 2015
Vinyl SODA: Bob Ross - Bob Ross
Vinyl SODA: NBC - Oogie Boogie
EE: Paka Paka Boo Hollow
EE: Vox Machina Trinket
If Your Items Are Not On This List:
We will be getting information when products are in transit to us and what Funko is shipping to us next. We will continually inform our community bi-weekly with any new information in regards to shipping information and what is going to come next.
Thank you!