About Us & FAQ's


Where do we get our Funko products?
- We buy new Funko products directly from Funko and ship from their warehouses. We do however buy a lot of "used" Funko products from locals and those collectors who wish to slim down. Our goal is to get more to you so we help trade from one hand to another.

When do we get our Funko products?
- We get our Funko products when they are released per Funko's estimated release dates. We try our best to put all Pre-order items with ETA on them but if you are curious feel free to reach out on any platform and we will get you a time frame.

Compared to other retailers how soon do we get items in stock?
- Because we are on the east coast (North Carolina) we usually see items last. For the locals we tend to see them in stock 4-7 days after big box retailers get them and about 7-10 days after west coast stores get them. If you are curious feel free to ask about specific ones.

Can I cancel my order?
- Because we place orders based on demand we prefer to not cancel orders. When you buy from us you are getting collectibles handled by collectors and we will make it right. And by purchasing from a local store it should be known that we get items from Funko's Warehouse and not directly from China so it does take longer. We have a no cancellation policy after 24 hours. If you cancel within the 24 hours then we will gladly process that for you. Exceptions do apply.

When do we ship our to customers?
- We pack up all items the day they arrive in our local store. If the invoice is complete and ready to go it will be shipped out within 24 business hours. If the invoice is not complete then we store it on our back shelves until it is complete. We will not sell your items to anyone but you even if we have more on the way.

How do we ship to our customers?
- We ship via USPS normally in Funko inner case boxes that are wrapped in bubble wrap or brown paper depending on the product. We also use soft protectors when they are purchased or use the cardboard Funko box that other retailers use as well. We use the Funko boxes as much as we can because it cuts down on our waste, it recycles, and it keeps everyone's cost down without sacrificing protection.

How long does it take for us to get Funko products from warehouse?
- When an item ships from the Funko warehouse it usually takes about 6-7 business days. So if you asked us when a shipped item was coming we would be receiving it in the 6-7 day time frame.

Do we get big box retailer exclusives?
- We do not get them directly. We do however get our own "Specialty Series" as of now that comes out monthly. In the future we hope to get our own exclusive!

- However we often get exclusives because others trade them in for store credit. If looking for new exclusives from other retailers in our store is something you want, then let us know.

Can you do in-store pick-up?
- Absolutely! We will ship of course, but we love meeting new collectors. So if you are local then please stop on by.

Do we offer trade-ins and buy back?
- Yes we do! Trades and buybacks is a huge part of our Funko world here and we love to see older items no matter what they are.

What Funko product lines do we carry in our store?
- Short answer would be that we carry almost every item that Funko has been releasing so far and try to get older, but still in print, items as well.

- Lines we carry and stock: POP! Vinyl, POP! Rides, POP! Home, POP! Pocket keychain, POP! Lanyard, POP! Tees, POP! Pens, POP! Hard Stack, Vynl, Hikari, Hikari XS, 5 Star, Plushies, Mystery Minis, Pint Sized Heroes, Action Figures, Rock Candy, Vinyl Idolz, Super Deluxe Vinyl, Wacky Wobblers, and other Funko Toys 

 Check here for future release items!


Who are we?
- The website is ran by POPnBeards and POPnBeards_rad_wife along with the help of everyone at Game Outlet as well.

Where are we located?
- Asheville, NC in The Asheville Outlets

Where can you find us on social media?
- IG: POPnBeards / The Game Outlet 
- FB: POPnBeards / Asheville Game Outlet
- reddit: POPnBeards
- Funko Forums: POPnBeards
- Twitter: POPnBeards

What brought us to be in the Funko world?
- We started collecting Funko at the end of 2016 and its progressed heavily since. Started with Star Wars of course. We later found out that we had bought an Alan with Carlos talking bobble head in 2011 that turned out to be a Funko product and our first.

- After that we opened Game Outlet in June 2017 for gaming entertainment and collectibles so of course Funko was our first thought. It's been an amazing journey from opening the store, to attending the Making Fun a Funko Story Premiere in LA, to going to Comic Cons and meeting collectors, to building our website to get more Funko to more fans.

- That is our goal and from these fans to all of you, we can't wait to meet you!

What do we collect?
- Everything?! Is that the answer, because it feels like it. We try to limit ourselves but lets face it there are so many products and creations out there that its just impossible to say no.

- In short we collect a variety of products lines to include: Kidrobot, NECA, Loyal Subjects, Tiny Ghost, Grossery Gang, SH Figuarts, Kotobikuya, Star Wars (because Star Wars), and some Disney goodness. We also now collect the new upcoming line of Abominable Toys.

- Funko products we collect: Hikari, Vynl, Lanyards, Funkovision, Super Deluxe Vinyl, Funko Home, Funko Soda, Funko Cereal, Mystery Minis, Pocket POP!

How do we collect?
- We just do. But really its a winged/learning/guessing game. We do however have a page coming just for this and show off what we have found to work. We will also provide links and suggestions for you as well.

Check this page for how we collect!

Contact info:
- info@POPnBeards.com