Before an order is shipped, all products in that order must arrive. If you purchase Pre-Order products along with products we have in-stock in a single order, you will not receive those in-stock products until the very last product in that order arrives in our warehouse. 

What to do?

If you want your products as early as possible, the best method is to make a single product purchase per order. This method does not offer free shipping.

We Do Not Have New Products On Site

We do not keep products on site with us unless they are rated less than 10/10. All items ordered from our site must be ordered from Funko. 

  • Preorders: Early Purchase (ordered from Funko warehouse)
  • In-Stock: Allotted amount offered (ordered from Funko warehouse)
  • Out-Of-Stock: Allotted amount sold out (ordered from Funko warehouse)

 By purchasing, you agree to our terms of service & policies.


  • Rates Vary on Order/Product Size/Weight & Country
  • We No Longer Ship Internationally Due To High Taxes 
  • We Are Not Liable For Taxes or Fees of Any Kind
  • Once An Order Has Left Our Facility, We Are Not Liable

Cancellations & Refunds

Please fill out our form for all cancellations to be processed properly.

All order cancellations made within 24 hours of purchase can be made without fee or cost unless the order was made through Paypal. All refunds on paypal orders will be accompanied by a 3% charge (Paypal Transaction Fee).

Order Policy

  • Orders Ship When Last Order Product is Received
  • For Quicker Shipping: Make One Purchase Per Order
  • All Ship Dates Are Estimated. Dates are subject to change.

Product Grade Guide

  • We Sell Products Based On a Grade Guide (Numerical Rating)
  • Mint Guarantee Applies to 10/10 Only
  • Products with No Grade = 10/10
10/10 = Factory/preorders
9/10 = Nearly Perfect
8/10 = Very Aesthetical/Very Little Wear
7/10 = Moderate Flaws
6/10 = Serious Flaws
5/10 = Rare to Sell
4 or Below = We Do Not Sell


Funko Release Dates

  • All Expected Delivery Dates Are Subject To Change
  • For Most Recent Dates, Click Here

 Please email for any inquiries or concerns.