Paul Frank: Julius (Blind Box) (3-Inch)

Paul Frank: Julius (Blind Box) (3-Inch)

Paul Frank

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Product Name
3inch Paul Frank Julius Collectible Figure Blind Box Series 01

3inch/7.62cm (Height)

Points of Articulation 

Number of Parts

*Head, Torso, Waist, Arms, Hands, Legs, Foot

High-quality ABS Plastic

Box/Silver Foil/Clear Polybag

Of the 20 figures in the series, 17 are basic figures, each showcasing a distinct aspect of Julius' playful personality. From an angry Julius to Devil Julius, and even Julius in a whimsical clown costume, fans will have a delightful time collecting and displaying these charming renditions. Adding further allure to the series, Reactor-88 from the USA, Stevenhouse from Hong Kong, and Shin Tanaka from Japan have contributed their unique artistic visions to the figure designs. Next are two rare figures have been crafted by the talented Doktor A from the UK and Loesdoodle from France. The chances of obtaining these rare figures are 1 in 50 each, making them highly sought after by collectors. But the excitement doesn't end there— the final figure of the 20 is a super rare figure from the creator of the character Julius, Paul Frank himself. With odds of just 1 in 100, this exclusive figure promises to be the crown jewel of any collection.

Taking collectibility to the next level, ten figures in this series feature numbers prominently displayed on their bodies. The significance of numbers in our lives is undeniable, from birthdays to anniversaries and phone numbers, or a person’s “lucky” number. Collectors will have the opportunity to hunt for specific numbers and continue their collection across future series, each with a different colour and finish. For Series 01, the figures are transparent clear blue with a lustrous pearl finishing.

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